African Dawn



Still was the camp—so deathly still
That dry twigs snapped like the Whip of Doom,
And a pale, green moon climbed up the hill,
And the shadows lay, so cold, so chill,

Shimmering shreds of gloom.

Never a sound where the men were laid
Stretched and swathed on the earthy floor,
Save for a sigh when, half afraid,
A sleeper moved, at his dream dismayed,
And sank to his sleep once more.

The moon climbed up, and she poised on high,
And looked awhile in a cold disdain,
Flashed her searchlights athwart the sky,
Lit the river that rumbled by
And took her path again.

Still was the camp—so cold, so still
In the dim dead hours before the dawn,
When a cry rang out to the far-off hill,
And marrow and bones went cold and chill,

And slumber was foresworn.

For a lion slunk in the deeper shade,
And his footfall thudded low—so low—
Over the grass of a tiny glade;
Hardly a sound—but the die was played,
And he took a man from the row.

Rhodesian Rhymes, 1909



Fotografias: João Martins Pereira


Lucy Hilmer – The Birthday Suits

E voltamos ao mundo maravilhoso da criatividade e ao infindável universo da Fotografia.

Lucy Hilmer fica muito melhor explicada por si própria, não precisa de outras apresentações. Ora vejam:

For 40 years, I’ve photographed myself on my birthday wearing nothing but my white Lollipop underpants, shoes and socks. I made my first Birthday Suit self-portrait in Death Valley, CA in 1974.

Without fail, I’ve faced my camera every April 22nd since then to create a coded history of one woman’s journey through time.

As a girl-child of the 1950s, I came of age before women’s lib, and wanted to buck the stereotypes of a culture that branded me a pretty girl, thin enough to be a fashion model and not much more. Armed with my camera and tripod, I found a way to define myself on my own terms in the most open, vulnerable way I could.

My long-term project will continue for as long as I live. In 2015, I turn 70. I’m currently working on a book & film about my Birthday Suits.

Lucy Hilmer









Lucy Hilmer (b. 1945, Washington, DC) is a San Francisco photographer, poet, and documentary filmmaker. She studied photography with Lisette Model, Larry Sultan, and Tom Baird at UC Extension in the early 1970’s, after working in NYC for Public Television and documentary films. In 1980, she began making TV documentaries with her husband, cinematographer Bob Elfstrom. She is now making books and films based on her multiple, long-term, photographic series-in-time.

Since 1973, the subjects of Hilmer’s autobiographical, B&W portraits and self-portraits have been family and friends. Her work is in the permanent collections of the Bibliotheque Nationale, The Oakland Museum, Peter Palmquist’s Women In Photography International Archive at Beinecke Library, The Indie Photobook Library, and Getty Research Library. Recently, her “Birthday Suits” have been featured in Germany’s fotoMagazin and France’s 6Mois.

Street Art

Um destes dias, fiz uma visita guiada à famosa Brick Lane e ruas circundantes de Shoreditch, em Londres.

Esta zona de East London, aliás prestes a ser engolida pela City, foi a “casa mater” do movimento “street art” de Londres.

Hoje em dia, já não há Bansky à vista, mas ainda podemos ver os trabalhos de Robbo, C215, Roa, Borondo, Space Invader, Stik e do “nosso” Vhils.

Aliás, o prédio onde está o trabalho do Vhils vai ser demolido até ao próximo Verão, por isso… Apressem-se !

No meu site JMPhoto está disponível uma galeria de cerca de 60 fotografias que fiz destas magníficas intervenções de arte urbana.









Behind Closed Doors

Originally posted on Steve McCurry's Blog:

The women came from different countries with the same dream:
to leave behind the poverty of their villages.
But instead of working as domestic help, they found themselves in a kind of prison,
employed by people who treated them like something less than human.
One was stabbed with a knife, another doused in boiling water, another raped and jailed.


Steve McCurry, best known for his work in war-torn countries like Afghanistan,
 documented the suffering of women from Indonesia,
Nepal and the Philippines who endured a myriad of abuses while
working for families elsewhere in Asia and the Middle East.

INDONESIA-10026 (2)

“They’re at the complete mercy of these people who see them almost like slaves:
‘You’re my property, you’ll do what I say,’” McCurry said.

CHINA-10228 (2)

“They go home, they’re disfigured, they don’t have money, 
and they’re psychologically scarred. 
They end up going home humiliated, and it becomes a stigma. 
In a way…

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A camera is a tool for learning how to see without a camera.

Dorothea Lange

Chi Fai Chow

My name is Chi Fai Chow. I am from Hong Kong but currently based in Los Angeles. I am an engineer in the fire protection industry. I have 4 years of experience in photography. For me photography is a way of inventing stories, I find it very interesting when imagination & reality come together to create something new.

Chi Fai Chow, um “street photographer” chinês, amador com um percurso ainda recente. Nāo será uma estrela de primeira grandeza da galaxia da Fotografia, mas tem imagens interessantes.








Ascot – Os Chapéus

Fui a Ascot pela primeira vez.
E fotografei os cavalos e… os chapéus. Um espectáculo dentro de outro espectáculo.
Um culto de tradição, de snobismo, de voyeurismo, de ostentação, será o que quisermos.
Mas, tambem, uma extraordinaria adesão popular a uma tradição que os ingleses fazem questão de manter.
Goste-se, ou não, é-me razoavelmente indiferente. Felizmente, tive a oportunidade de conhecer do Mundo o suficiente para, humildamente, reconhecer e respeitar as diferenças culturais que, mais do que separar, nos deviam aproximar de outros povos.