Bob Schwartz

Bob Schwartz is a talented photographer, an experienced traveller, a nice person and a good friend.

I had the pleasure of meeting Bob in Rajasthan, India, in a photo expedition in which we both took part.

And where we shared, besides common passion for  street/travel photography and different cultures, a couple of beers, plenty of lentils cooked in many different ways  and a lot of good laughs.

Bob in his own words:

“I am a self-taught photographer who began “taking pictures” at a young age in the small town where I grew up. All my work is currently done in digital format although I began working with film and learned darkroom techniques for which I am thankful. Darkroom time has given me a perspective on light, image capture and the sense of ownership of the frame.

I consider myself a street photographer, with an emphasis on the expanded portrait that includes a small view into the surroundings of the subject. Not enough to define the locale but enough to raise questions about the subjects intent; what is he looking at, where is she headed. I often try to establish eye contact with the subject with the camera filling in for my “eyes”.

Although I have done wildlife and landscapes I always return to people as the main theme of my work.

My photographic journeys have taken me to Mexico, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Vietnam, India the Middle East and Cambodia. Nothing suits me more than to wander the streets, especially the markets and bazaars where the colors are vibrant with the native dress, local fruits, vegetables, exotic spices and live animals.”

Visit and enjoy  Bob Schwartz’s website !

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