“…  this page is dedicated to those who, caused by war, are no longer with us. Also, it’s a window of remembering to those who survived the horrors of early 90’s in Sarajevo.

This page is non-profitable, anti-ideologist, and the most important of all – made with love.”

“10,615 persons, out of whom 1,601 were children, were killed in Sarajevo. More than 50,000 persons were wounded, a great number of whom remain invalids. The siege of the city lasted from May 2, 1992 to February 26, 1996 or 1,395 days, which is the longest siege in the modern history of mankind.”

“During the siege, the average daily number of granades fired on Sarajevo was 329. The record of 3,777 granades was made on july, 22 1993. They did a massive damage to the city, most of all to the civil, cultural and religious buildings.”

Sem mais palavras, aliás desnecessárias, sugiro apenas que vejam esta recolha de fotografias, de vários autores, do Cerco de Sarajevo (1992-1996).

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