Com a devida vénia ao magnífico The Big Picturereproduzo aqui algumas imagens de uma série publicada sobre o Afeganistão de hoje.

A autoria das imagens, de vários fotógrafos, está devidamente identificada no site original.

A não perder !

“We tend to look at Afghanistan through the lens of conflict, with good reason. Deaths of American forces recently reached 2000 in the 11 years since US involvement in the country began. Afghan forces have suffered perhaps 10,000 losses, and even conservative estimates suggest as many as 20,000 Afghan civilians have perished. It’s a heavy toll for one of the most impoverished populations on Earth. While acknowledging those human losses, it’s important also to celebrate the lives of those carrying on in the face of bitter warfare and economic hardship. Although no facet of Afghan life remains untouched by conflict, gathered here are images made in September of ordinary Afghans getting on with the business of life. — Lane Turner”

Source and Photo credits: The Big Picture


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