The Talking Tree

“I’m Nate, a desert rat, photomaker, tour guide & adventurer. Life peers through my lens. So let’s not rule out the paranormal because photography chose me. My work is dedicated to the beauty of the American Southwest. I’ve spent a lot of time traveling through the colorful wastelands, mysterious canyons and alpine ranges of the West. The more time spent further from town, the quieter my life has become. The dreams I have for this land are strong and powerful. My life has been filled with beauty and this is a photographic interpretation of amazing places here on Mother Earth. You’ll see a lot of rural decay in my work because it plays an important role in this vision. Most of the images involve some sort of human presence because I do not believe two-leggeds can be seperated from the landscape; I don’t believe in the “pristine” wilderness espoused by most environmental activist groups. The rhetoric makes it sound as if nobody lived in North America (Turtle Island) before Columbus landed. I believe in decolonizing my personal outlook from this idea as well as educating people about the truth.

Shooting pictures is a serious hobby of mine but my obsession with cameras is borderline intense.”

Nate Cowlishaw será tudo isto e, presumivelmente, algumas coisas mais. É, tambem, um fotógrafo com boas ideias e técnica competente.

Para além disso, escreve bem. As legendas de algumas das suas imagens contam historias que acompanham as imagens sem as atropelar.

Vale a pena ver.


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