Wink é um projecto do fotógrafo canadiano Tyler E Nixon.

Com um registo muito personalizado, uma imagem “clean” e um conteúdo muito depurado, Wink tem conseguido grande reconhecimento na comunidade fotográfica residente na internet.

Wink is an ever-expanding collection of photography by Tyler E Nixon. Tyler happily resides in the sleepy, sea-side city of Victoria BC, Canada.


■ Included in the WEB 100 “Best in photography” compilation
■ Finalist in the Photoblog of the Year, Best American Photoblog + Best Photoblog Design categories at the 2008 Photoblog Awards
■ Awarded “Photoblog of the Year” at the 2007 Photoblog Awards
■ Winner of “Photo of the Year” at the 2007 Photobloggies for “Snow-Day Sonnet #2”, also awarded “Best Photoblog Design”
■ Featured in Photolife’s 2007 “Emerging Photographers” issue with “The Heart is a Lonely Hunter”
■ Weekly Pic-K Award from VFXY Photos
■ First place (black & white) in Monday Magazine’s Annual Photo Contest 2007 with “Come Fly With Me”
■ Published in issue 8 of JPG Magazine with “Snow-Day Sonnet #2”
■ Featured in FILE Magazine with “Snow-Day Sonnet #2”, “Transatlanticism Matinee” and “Jack Kerouac’s Ghost”
■ Featured in Phirebrush Issue 53, September 2007 with “The Heart is a Lonely Hunter”
■ Flak Photo with “REPRISE: Stillness in the Snow”
■ Featured in Boulevard Magazine – Photos By Contest 2007 (Cover + Interior spread) with “Through the Looking Glass” and “Rejoicing in The Hands”
■ Exhibited at the Musée de l’Elysée in Lausanne, Switzerland as part of JPG Magazine’s submission to “We are all photographers now” exhibit.
■ Photoblog of the Week Feature


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