Valentin Flauraud

Valentin Flauraud é um jovem (n.1988) fotógrafo suíço, com um trabalho notável.

Particularmente apelativas de técnica, equilíbrio e bom gosto, são, e, minah opinião, as imagens que trouxe do Japão. Um espanto !

“Based in the Swiss countryside between Lausanne and Geneva I have mainly been working for Reuters since 2008. I also work with different newspapers, agencies and private institutions and enjoy both editorial and corporate assignments. Besides my passion for sports I am driven by action, people and new discoveries in general.

If you cannot find me behind my viewfinder you will probably be able to catch me in the clean rooms from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) in Lausanne where I am currently doing my PhD in micro engineering.”


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