Russ Taylor




Russ Taylor é um segredo bem guardado da fotografia documental e de viagem.

Profissional de grande experiência como guia de viagens étnicas e culturais, juntou a partir de 2002 a fotografia ao seu espectro de actividades. Em boa hora o fez, porque o seu talente é evidente.

A não perder. 





Russ Taylor is a cultural documentary and NGO photographer, and a wilderness guide who has been leading trips for over 20 years.

Russ Taylor is an international, outdoor and experiential education professional and freelance photographer. He has been published internationally.

After graduation from the University of Alabama and two years in banking his vision for the broader world led him to the Peace Corps where he served in Papua New Guinea. 

Upon his return to America he worked as a wilderness instructor with adjudicated youth in Florida throughout most of the 90’s.

After receiving an MA in intercultural studies and in theological studies from Golden Gate Seminary, he moved overseas to serve with the International Mountain Leadership Institute in Ladakh, India, where he served for six years.  Immediately after his time in Ladakh he traveled and photographed for seven months through Southeast Asia, North Africa and South America.

Russ’ passion for photography began in earnest in 2002 when he entered his first photo competition in Mill Valley, CA and won “Best in Show.”   This led him to explore photography further under the guidance of Nadereh Degani at Mill Valley Community College in California where he gained a great appreciation for the use of color and unique angles.

He has since taken two courses at Santa Fe Workshops where he gained insight from Vincent Musi, Sam Abell and Leah Ben-David Val. He also assisted with two photography workshops run in Ladakh, India. He relies almost exclusively on natural light and desires to bring to people through his photography a greater understanding of foreign cultures and a deeper appreciation of the beauty in the natural world.




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  1. Grande trabalho! 🙂

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