Lynn Johnson



Lynn Johnson, uma fotógrafa extraordinária, com intervenção em várias disciplinas e registos fotográficos, do trabalho comissionado – National Geographic, por exemplo – à fotoreportagem e ao retrato de estúdio.

Contudo, é no elemento humano, no registo das glórias e misérias da vida que o seu talento se impõe, dando-nos uma fotografia crua, afiada e, ao mesmo tempo, emocionada e emocionante.

Lynn, por ela própria:

“As photographers, we witness — unfiltered — the lives of those willing to share their stories, hoping to impact a world they may never visit and strangers who can only imagine their struggles. If there is one constant lesson, it is that we are all connected.”






Photojournalist Lynn Johnson is known for her intense, sensitive work.

Dividing her time between assignments for National Geographic and various foundations, Johnson has traveled from Siberia to Zambia and photographed celebrities including Tiger Woods, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Mister Rogers and the entire Supreme Court. With her Leicas, she has climbed the radio antenna atop Chicago’s Hancock Tower and dangled from helicopters in Antarctica. Yet her favorite assignments have been emotionally demanding stories about ordinary people; a family struggling with AIDS (Life), the death of an African-American coach in Amish country (Sports Illustrated), native Hawaiians who protect traditional ways (NG), the impact of zoonotic diseases around the world (NG).

Her vision is subtle. She invites the viewer to find the meaning in the frame. Her shooting style is equally low key allowing her subjects to reveal themselves to the camera. The photographs she strives for are compassionate. After 30 years of practicing photography, she sees her personal work moving from that of an observer to advocate.

As a Knight Fellow in the School of Visual Communications at Ohio University, Johnson completed a rigorous program that included her Masters thesis, an exhibit about the impact of hate crimes on American society, Hate Kills. Perhaps the most rewarding aspect of her fellowship was the teaching component that allowed her to share her passion and commitment with other students in the Visual Studies Program, helping to develop the talents and ethics of a new generation of photographers.

Johnson first earned a B.A. in Photographic Illustration and Photojournalism at the Rochester Institute of Technology in 1975. After graduating, she was a Staff Photographer at The Pittsburgh Press for seven years before beginning her freelance career as a contract photographer for Black Star then Aurora Photos. She is currently represented by the National Geographic Image Collection.




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  1. Grandes trabalhos!

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