Evgenia Arbugaeva



Evgenia Arbugaeva é uma fotógrafa russa com projectos muito interessantes, muito baseados na vida da sua Sibéria natal.

O projecto Tiksi, a cidade onde nasceu, deu-lhe reconhecimento e a oportunidade de expor em várias cidades do mundo.

Contudo, e na minha opinião, um dos mais interessantes é o projecto “Following the Reindeer“, que a própria descreve assim:

This project is about nomadic tribes of reindeer herders in my homeland, the Republic of Yakutia, which is located in eastern Siberia.

There are five nationalities of reindeer herders that live on the territory of the Republic: Even, Evenk, Yukagir, Chukchi and Dolgan. All of them are smaller populations, for instance the total number of Yukagir in the world at this moment is only 1509 people.

During the period of one year I traveled with reindeer herders in different parts of Yakutia. I witnessed a unique culture that almost has not changed for centuries.

In the age of urbanization and technological progress these people have maintained an ability to live in complete harmony with nature and each other.



Evgenia was born in Siberian town Tiksi in Russia.
She received BA degree in art management from International University in Moscow. In 2009 graduated from International Center of Photography Photojournalism and Documentary Program.
She now works as a freelance photographer between Russia and New York.






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  1. beautiful photos! very interesting material

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