Anne’s*imagery é o blog de uma fotógrafa americana em “começo de carreira”, como a própria Anne se assume.

Terá, como todos, opções estéticas, temáticas e técnicas, diversas, umas melhores do que outras e só tempo definirá o rumo a tomar. A mim, agradou-me especialmente a série que agora mostro, a que chamou “Antique Machinery Museum – Kent, Connecticut”




Photography is a recently found love of mine, and I fell fast and hard. This is immensely surprising to me! After high school I had a bunch of artsy fartsy friends who loved photography and were always discussing their latest darkroom endeavors at our local Denny’s through the wee hours of the morning. I didn’t get it and I wasn’t inspired by their art. We went to gallery showings galore and I’m sure I saw some terrific artwork, but nothing ever clicked.

Fast-forward 10 years to the day I discovered the Lomography website ( I was instantly taken by the dream-like photographs and couldn’t wait to start taking pictures (yes, on film). Since that time I’ve procured a DSLR and a knowledge of Photoshop, but I’ll always have a love affair with 120 and 35mm film.

My blog is a compilation of my favorite photographs I’ve taken. They may not always be perfect, but there is something in each one that speaks of me.



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