Sandy Menzies



Sandy Menzies uma fantástica fotógrafa escocesa, a quem se perde o rasto a partir de 2010, data das ultimas imagens no seu site.

E é pena, porque nos oferece um domínio total sobre as longas exposições a preto e branco, sobre a escala de cinzentos e sobre os segredos do contraste.

Não percam.








“I grew up in Caithness on the rugged north coast of Scotland surrounded by the sea, the most powerful and unforgiving force on our planet, and my greatest influence to this day, be it gentle summer surf or raging winter tumult.

My aim is to create minimalist images, reflecting man’s relationship and eternal struggle with the elemental forces which shape our world and the intangible search for fragments of human meaning within that environment.

Although I work digitally using a Canon EOS 5D, and therefore in colour, I prefer the structures, textures and drama that become more apparent when colour is removed from the equation.

The dramatic images I create are my natural response to the intrinsic power and glory of Scotland’s unspoilt terrain and amazing light.

I hope you enjoy these images as much as I have enjoyed making them”.





One response to “Sandy Menzies

  1. Realmente, grandes trabalhos, que se perdem o rasto após 2010… :\

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