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Edmondo Senatore

senatore0Born in Rome about 57 years ago ‘, I began to take in the 70’s with an old Zenith, I went to photography almost by accident, at age 16 while attending a school for graphic design I had the opportunity to participate in a photo shoot for the course “operators and printers jelly “definitely a positive experience, then of course my life took other directions, and all was forgotten for a long time, while maintaining high interest.

In 2003, in the digital age, boosted by the Olympus E1 brand which have always been particularly fond I began to photograph the last few years I’ve posted my work on multiple sites in national and international, to name a few: http://www.Maxartis.ithttp://www.1x.comhttp://www.500px.comhttp://www.Fotoblur.com – where I have always received great accolades, also in 2011 one of my image and ‘ranked first in the “Canon Adventure” in collaboration with Yahoo, in the category “Light and landscapes” My next goal will be ‘to focus more on national and international competitions.

In recent years I have gone from four thirds system, Olympus, Nikon, Canon, and finally, today I converted to Olympus OMD I am excited, hanging out with three bodies and a dozen lenses with a weight and ‘equal to a Mark IV + 70-200mm.f.2, 8 gives me an indescribable feeling, and without losing in quality ‘, it seems to me to be back in the 70s when the OM had great success, I believe in the future to make jewelry with these large things, for the development of my files I use Adobe CS5 and Photoshop elements 10, I do not like HDR, and I always thought, especially in landscapes to create a style that does not give the idea of ​​strereotipo, I hope I have succeeded, even if the path and ‘still long.

I usually like to venture into the landscape as well as portrait, street, and nature, I love the contact with nature and people, with two cameras hanging from the neck, usually, walking through the countryside and villages, looking for the right perspective, my senses are well-tuned, and the means of support are ready to go along with my comments and I can say that with the camera taste very life.





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