Oystein Aspelund


Mais um nome a fixar: Oystein Aspelund.

Com um percurso muito recente (fotografa há, apenas, 5 anos), apresenta um trabalho de notável rigor técnico e consistência temática. Talvez influenciado pela sua formação de base na área da arquitectura.

A série “Forgotten Heroes” é um bom exemplo da relação que o fotógrafo estabelece entre a imagem e a motivação cultural que lhe está subjacente.

Noutra dimensão, os registos a  preto-e-branco são simplesmente magníficos.



I have always been interested in visual expressions. However, my photographical journey started in 2009. I like to explore themes and investigate ideas through series of images. My degree in architecture affects my work, motivation and choices of topics. Thematically, I seek to have a kind of cultural presence in my photographs. I like to travel where my camera takes me, often to places people don’t know exist. Between the four walls of my room or the other side of the planet. I try to show the world in a different way than people usually see it.

One of my main themes of inspiration are places that have seen rapid changes. It may be borderlands where the civilization turns into the wild. Or reflections on the struggle between man and his environment. Often the results end up in a field between traditional documentary and art photography.

Some of my recent work involves investigations into the relationship between color and shapes in a more minimalistic way. But beauty itself is not enough. A great picture also needs substance, a kind of deeper meaning, with possibilities to reach further levels of understanding, investigations and enlightenment. To me, one of the unique aspects of photography is its power to document. Even if it is not a true documentation of the reality.







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