Bill Schwab


Bill Schwab um fotógrafo clássico, intemporal, um esteta da fotografia.

Para ver, rever e voltar a ver.

E aprender.


Born in Detroit, Michigan in 1959, Bill Schwab’s fascination with photography began at an early age. With a Kodak Brownie and a home darkroom kit received as a gift from his father, he taught himself to process film and contact print at age twelve.

Following a high school curriculum emphasizing the arts, he began his extended education earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in photography and graphic design from Central Michigan University in 1983. It was during this period that Schwab spent a time in New York working with and assisting under commercial/fine art photographer Alen MacWeeney.

Having become familiar with the photographer’s work through the pages of Aperture and American Photography, he saw in it a similar style to his own proved an enlightening as well as exciting experience in that it not only afforded the opportunity to work with an extremely talented and respected photographer, it also brought him in contact with some of the world’s top galleries and museums.


Faced with the reality of having to make a living after receiving a degree, the experience working in the commercial photography world of New York proved most valuable. Sustaining himself with a successful commercial photography career lasting nearly 20 years, the personal work contained in these pages has continued to be the main focus of this long running devotion to his photographic art.

Although the style has gradually developed and progressed over the years, the common theme that threads through this ever growing body of work is that of the natural and urban landscape. Emphasizing an ethereal, atmospheric quality is imperative in reaching the more emotional as opposed to the literal and for this he chooses to make photographs during inclement weather and challenging lighting situations.

The choice of what to photograph is coupled with a very subtle printing style in the yet boundless attempt to make each image reign powerful in Having been shown in many group and solo exhibitions in the US and abroad since the early 1980’s, Schwab’s work continues to become more widely known and sought after. It is in turn becoming represented in a growing number of private, corporate and museum collections around the world.


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