Jonathan van Smit



A fotografia de Jonathan van Smit é arrepiante, de um realismo brutal. Um olhar desapaixonado sobre um mundo que existe, sem piedade mas sem sensacionalismo.

Fotógrafo amador, neo-zelandês, aventurou-se pela noite do “outro” Hong-Kong, o mundo subterrâneo, inconfessável, chocante das ruas de Kowloon. Street photography no limite do tolerável, porventura na margem do risco.

Um grande trabalho, que Jonathan explica assim.



Jonathan van Smit is a self-taught photographer from New Zealand who has lived and photographed in Hong Kong since early 2008. His photographs are a stream of stark, grungy, snapshots mostly taken at night in Kowloon with wide-angle lenses. His work has been described as ” raw, sometimes shockingly so, but never sensationalist. It’s full of boredom, sadness, loneliness and neglect”.




I like getting up really close so I use 15mm and 21mm mostly. I need to feel something when taking photos and I don’t get that if I’m standing several metres away with a longer lens. I’m not sure that I’m especially ‘discreet’ when I’m taking pics … after all I’m standing right next to my subjects. A head-to-toe photo taken with a 15mm means that I’m less than 1.5 metres away. I don’t use the viewfinder very much and often just guess the focus and exposure. The actual moment of taking the photo is quite important to me. People can move quite a lot in a second or two and there’s rarely enough time to compose and focus so I’ve taught myself to estimate all that on the run and can change shutter speed or aperture without looking down at the camera.




2 responses to “Jonathan van Smit

  1. Grandes trabalhos! 😀

  2. Obrigada, João, por mais esta fantástica partilha!

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