Sally Gall



Sally Gall é uma fotógrafa e professora de fotografia americana, com uma longa e premiada carreira.

Representada em museus e galerias, principalmente de New York, tem um trabalho conceptualmente sólido e coerente.

Como sempre tenho defendido, na grande arte fotográfica, há espaço e lugar para todos os artistas honestos e competentes, nos mais diverss estilos, correntes e opções.

O resto, são apenas gostos, preferências e referências pessoais.





“For 30 years I have photographed the beauty and mystery of the natural world – its elemental and sometimes terrifying aspects, its silence, its persistence. To immerse viewers in a visceral and sensual contemplation of nature and our place within it, I have taken as subjects gardens, cultivated fields, swimmers, jet contrails and power lines, the twilight zone in caves, blossoming trees, and the ground level kingdom of things that creep and crawl. I photograph with an ever deepening appreciation for how this “place” shapes us, even as we shape it with our passage.”




“Most of the time we experience the world with the horizon as our reference, our bodies bound to the earth by gravity. I wish to evoke the feeling of floating ungrounded, to transport the viewer to a place not bound by gravity, and to escape the constraint of our usual horizon-oriented experience.

In Unbound, clouds, airplanes, and contrails figure prominently. I imagine planes as poetic objects, heavy metal bodies which appear to float with ease. Clouds, which can contain literally tons of water, also appear weightless. Clouds, airplanes and contrails share the airspace we inhabit when we are unbound. If they can escape the constraints of gravity, why shouldn’t we?”



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