Mark Simms



Mark Simms, mais um fotógrafo amador, competente e multifacetado. Umas imagens interessantes, outras talvez nem tanto, mas fica o culto da arte da fotografia.

I’m an amateur photographer based on the Wirral, a peninsula of land in north-west England that lies between the River Mersey/Liverpool on one side and the River Dee/Wales on the other.  For as long as I can remember I’ve enjoyed taking pictures: simple snaps of holidays, days-out and family gatherings.
simms0 Over the years I’ve been slowly but surely building my knowledge and learning my craft to the point where photography is now my passion and creative outlet. I’m largely self-taught from magazines, books and the internet, although when I purchased my first serious camera back in early 2008 (a Canon EOS 400d DSLR, in case you’re interested) I did attend a one-day course just to get a handle on the basics.








3 responses to “Mark Simms

  1. Gostei, sobretudo das duas últimas macros. E aquela da janela!

  2. Obrigado pela partilha e informação.
    São trabalhos lindíssimos.

  3. Reblogged this on Sonhos desencontrados and commented:
    Alguns trabalhos de Mark Simms

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