Nick Rains


Nick Rains, mais um fotógrafo de viagem, com algumas abordagens interessantes.

Não será talvez dos meus preferidos neste registo, mas vale a pena ver.




I started off in photography almost straight out of Swansea University in South Wales where I studied Zoology. I picked up the basics by going out and using film, and by reading photography books like that wonderful series by Ansel Adams. I didn’t do any formal training until a few years later when I did a 2 year Tech course on studio and commercial photography.

Commercial photography was well paid and reasonably interesting but I soon got more interested in travel photography so, like many others were starting to do, I shouldered a backpack and headed off into Asia and thence to Australia. In Australia I started working for Canon during the 1986 America’s Cup in Fremantle. This was where I met many the top international photographers and magazine editors who were all very helpful to a young photographer starting out in serious international work.

I had a ball during the 12 months I spent in Perth, my work was published in Sports Illustrated, London Times, Paris Match, Stern and many other well known publications. I worked for Time Magazine for a while as an assistant and learned a whole load of stuff about what professional photography is all about. Of course my Visa finally ran out and I headed back to England. My new contacts stood me in good stead and this period was when I fully developed my landscape photography by undertaking extended trips into Germany, Turkey, Italy, France, and Spain shooting for the stock photography market.

Finally I decided to move back to Australia for good in 1990 and have been shooting this fabulous country ever since. I have travelled almost half a million kilometers in that time and have been to just about every major place on interest. In fact the only major places I have yet to visit are Cape York and along the Canning Stock Route WA.

This is one of the reasons I love this job – I get to go the some of the remotest places in this huge country, far away from the busy cities and into a place where you can quite literally roll out a swag, light a fire and sleep under the stars. I’m a big fan of clouds too – sounds a bit weird I know but clouds make a photo your own since they will never be the same the next time you visit the same spot. I’m also a fully paid up member of the Cloud Appreciation Society which pledges:

“To fight Blue Sky thinking wherever it springs up”







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