Os Iraquianos por António Pedrosa

António Pedrosa, um fotógrafo que não conhecia e de quem não consegui reunir muita informação. O seu próprio site, apenas em versão inglesa, é escasso em notas biográficas.

Aqui fica um trabalho, premiado, sobre o Bairro do Iraque, um bairro degradado nos arredores de Bragança, a que chamou, talvez simbolicamente, “Os Iraquianos”.

Vale a pena ver.




Bairro do Iraque, Iraq slum, is located in the north of Portugal. Until the late 90’ this 100 persons community of gypsies lived moving from village to village working in basketry, utensils for horses and other small jobs. With the end of traditional agriculture also their traditional way of life finished. When the TV news were full of images from the second invasion of Irak, this community was expelled from the center of town moved to an old German mine of tungsten transformed in construction materials dump, abandoned in the Second World War- know now as Iraq slum. The old structures are occupied and fixed with the recycled materials from the dump. Electricity is stolen from public electric poles; light just appearing after the sun goes down in the horizon. The members of the community live from social metal scavenging, farm work, raising animals for selling and the social security check. The walls of the shelters are not enough for protecting these families from the cold and wind.

This picture story won the prize Estação de Imagem 2012.







I started photojournalism in 1996 after studying law. Lived in the The Netherlands and, presently, in Portugal. In both countries published in the main magazines and newspapers.

In 2012 won the Grand Prize Estação de Imagem for Documentary Photography.
Also in 2012 top finalist The Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Foundation for Documentary Photography & Film grant.
In 2013 became recipient of Estação Imagem | Mora grant.
In last January became Hasselblad Master 2014 in the Editorial category.
Member of 4SEE.


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