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Herman Damar



Herman Damar, um fotógrafo amador indonésio, com um extraordinário talento. Um artista da composição, um pintor de Luz, um rigor técnico impressionante.

A mim, toca-me especialmente porque este é tambem o meu registo favorito, a fotografia documentária, mais que só documental, o elemento humano integrado na Natureza.

Um grande Fotógrafo.




My name is Herman. I’m from Indonesia. I’m someone who likes his life to keep up with his shutter speed. I like to think of myself as a creative person who doesn’t settle for the norm. I am a self taught photographer, expanding my knowledge on a daily basis.

I believe photography is the most selfless art out there. The photos that I take are for YOU. When it all comes down to it, these pictures will live on and revive the memories from your special time. I’d love to be apart of creating that. I strive to capture your vision, as if you were looking from the outside, in.

As a photographer, I have experience in the fast life. From parade crowds, to concerts, to sporting events, I capture the emotion and feel of it all. I also know how to portray the calm life. The portraits, the tiny details, the setting of your event, I capture the powerful simplicity.