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Fotografia: JMPhoto

Tony Hertz




Tony Hertz é um fotógrafo da “velha escola” que privilegia a composição, exposição, foco, equilibrio, preenchimento do espaço, enfim, técnica fotográfica.

Sem malabarismos nem acrobacias, é um trabalho sólido, coerente, profissional e… excelente.

Enjoy !!!


Tony Hertz has over 25 years of professional photography experience – 10 years of it as a daily newspaper photographer. He’s photographed U.S. Presidents, the Queen of England, Pope Paul, celebrities, musicians, famous sports figures and covered major news and community events.

Working as a photojournalist helped refine his compositional instincts when he turned to focus mainly on landscape and nature subjects for personal and fine art photography work.








Martin Rak




Martin Rak é um jovem fotógrafo checo de inegável talento, cuja carreira internacional começa a ganhar expressão.

Das imagens urbanas da sua Praga natal, até às paisagens da Republica Checa, Suíça ou Itália, Martin vai consolidando uma linguagem pessoal na fotografia que quer fazer.

Com evidente preferência pelas exposições longas e um trabalho de pos-produção com assinatura distintiva, as imagens aí estão e falam por si.

Um nome a seguir com atenção.


My name is Martin Rak. I was born in 1984 in Prague, and have been living there all my life. I got my first camera from my grandfather when I was six and I have been interested in photography since then. However, I have only been photographing seriously since 2007, when I bought my first digital SLR camera.

I enjoy spending my free time in the nature or by traveling, therefore I mostly do landscape photography, but I like shooting nature and architecture as well. My most favourite place is the Saxon-Bohemian Switzerland which lies on the border between the Czech Republic and Germany. Most of my pictures are from there.

It is a beautiful feeling to stand on a cliff in the morning silence, above the endless sea of clouds and to be there when the first light touches the landscape. I try to capture this atmosphere with my camera and share it with you.

I shoot with Canon digital cameras and lenses.









Shy Cohen



I have always been fascinated by nature.Its intricate beauty, the patterns, the colors all move me deeply and calm my soul.shy Ever since I began photographing I was drawn to the wonder of macro photography and that is what I shoot mainly. It has opened for me such a magical world in which patterns, colors, details, behaviors and life all blend in such wonderful harmony.
I hope these galleries convey some of the magic I feel…
Thanks for looking through,
Shy Cohen 🙂






Shy Cohen é um jovem fotógrafo naturalista, já com um trabalho notável principalmente na macro-fotografia. Contudo o seu talento como fotógrafo de paisagem é igualmente apreciável, tendo como principal motivo o Mar Morto, das suas origens israelitas.

Apreciem o trabalho deste jovem.




Marc Adamus

Lost in the Dream

Rider of the Tempest

Rage against the Frozen

Crater Lake, Winter

Marc Adamus é um fotógrafo competentíssimo e um mestre da pós-produção.

Não deixem de ler o “artist statement” onde Marc expressa uma lúcida e frontal teorização da fotografia da geração actual.

Ainda mais interessantes, são as opiniões desassombradas que emite sobre a pós-produção. o uso de Photoshop e outras ferramentas de edição digital.

Não percam.

Aurora Wilderness

Marc Adamus is a landscape photographer based in Corvallis, Oregon. The visual drama and artistry of his photographs are born of a keen eye for the many moods of Nature and a life-long passion for the wilderness. This passion shines throughout Marc’s work and has attracted a wide audience around the world.

marc Marc’s style is unmistakable. His talent for rare captures of amazing light and fleeting atmosphere imbue his portfolio with a sense of the epic, majestic and the bold. His success derives from patient single-minded pursuit of all the unique moments that generate the magic and energy of the wilderness, often spending months immersing himself in the landscape he shoots despite the rigors of season and weather.

Marc’s photographs have been published extensively worldwide in a large variety of media ranging from calendars, books, advertising and the publications of National Geographic, Outdoor Photographer, Popular Photography and many more. Marc has been acclaimed as one of the most talented landscape artists of his generation.

Homage to the Mountain God

Crystalline Chamber

Into the Flames

Maciej Duczynski

Maciej Duczynski é um talento inato para a fotografia de paisagem.

A fotografia de paisagem requer perfeição absoluta, sob risco risco de cair na inexpressividade total ou no cliché do postal ilustrado. É uma arte dentro da arte fotográfica, que Maciej domina com maestria.

As composições, os enquadramentos, as exposições que escolhe conferem às imagens deste polaco um ar quase etéreo. O facto de, geralmente, não conterem elementos humanos ou, sequer, humanizados, tornam o exercício particularmente arriscado. Um jogo que Maciej joga para ganhar.

“I was born in Katowice, south of Poland in 1975. During my studies in Technical University in Gliwice I discovered my first passion – traveling. After a few years the second passion – photography, followed the first one. Up until now I have spent most of my free time traveling around Europe. I specialize in landscape photography and prefer the cold beauty and wilderness of northern lands Scandinavia.
I started with analog cameras, nowadays I continue with digital cameras and using new techniques giving more possibilities in landscape photography (HDR, panoramas stitching etc) I exhibit my photographs in Poland and write articles about landscape photography and post-processing of digital images for various European photo magazines.”