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D.Y. Reinshtein não revela muito sobre si próprio. Será israelita ou, pelo menos, vive em Israel.

Tem uma extraordinária aptidão fotográfica, que manifesta exuberantemente em varias disciplinas. Deixando um pouco de lado, sem qualquer menosprezo, o trabalho comercial, trouxe aqui uma ilustração das incríveis macros que consegue.

Não sou praticante, nem sequer grande crente, da arte da fotografia macro, mas reconheço a qualidade técnica e o impacto plástico das imagens que produz.

E estas são das melhores que tenho visto.








Nadav Bagim


Aimish Boy é a assinatura artística do israelita Nadav Bagim, um fotógrafo a “dois tempos”, ou seja, com dois registos totalmente distintos.

Por um lado, um trabalho de macrofotografia, com pós-produção elaborada, reconhecido internacionalmente mas que, humildemente confesso, não é muito a “minha praia”.

Por outro, um registo contemporâneo e actual na área da street photography de que gosto muito.

É reconhecido pelo primeiro, eu prefiro francamente o segundo. Escolham !







Nadav Bagim (a.k.a AimishBoy) is not going to write about himself in a third-person style as you would expect from these “about” sections.

He will not present himself as 31 years old who lives in Ramat-Gan, Israel, and enjoys being a B.Sc student in Brain Sciences (regardless if it takes him forever to graduate…). He will not describe how he marched storming into the photography world five years ago and got enchanted by its magic after getting a SLR-Like camera, and he defiantly won’t say a word about the addiction to photographing that made him purchasing his first DSLR camera (so you can see HIS point of view of things).

He will not mention that he is self taught, because everybody is nowadays… and will not describe how he enjoys shooting nature, macro, landscapes, thoughts, ideas and many more objects and subjects that pop into his head – because that you will be able to see for yourself in his galleries.

However, the one thing Nadav is willing to write is a big Thank You, for taking the time to visit this site and view the photos. He surely hopes you will enjoy them.

So… Thanks!




Matt Cole



Matt Cole é um fotógrafo naturalista inglês, de méritos reconhecidos e premiados.

Apesar de cobrir uma faixa alargada da fotografia naturalista, a sua expressão técnica sobressai especialmente nas imagens macro, especialmente de insectos.

No site, que aconselho vivamente, fornece a identificação de cada criatura fotografada e, ainda, informação técnica fotográfica de cada imagem.

Não percam.



I am a wildlife and nature photographer based in Leicestershire, UK. I enjoy photographing any form of wildlife but I have a particular passion for macro photography, predominantly of insects but also of fungi. The images on this site reflect this passion. The majority are of insects and fungi with a smaller selection of images of birds, mammals and amphibians.

My images have been published in BBC Wildlife Magazine, Outdoor Photography magazine, the Daily Telegraph, the Sunday Times and numerous Wildlife Trust publications, amongst others. I also have an invited gallery on the BBC Wildlife magazine website.

In recent years my images have had some success in leading photography competitions including the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition and the British Wildlife Photography Awards. The Awards page provides more information.





Erez Marom






Erez Marom é um jovem fotógrafo israelita, especializado em duas áreas aparentemente opostas – o grande espaço visual da paisagem e o detalhe da macro – onde Erez encontra, contudo, um interessante traço comum:

“To me, both these fields are all about the intricacy and beauty of our natural world, and I do my best to show this beauty in my own unique way.”

É, sem dúvida, um grande talento e um fotógrafo notável em ambos os campos.

erez “I was born in 1980 in Holon, Israel, where I still live today. Encouraged by my parents from a young age to pursue any artistic tendency, I started playing the drums at age 9 and have been an active musician until a few years ago.
As a kid I’ve always been interested in insects, but it was only somewhere in 2008 that I first saw examples of the macro images which can be done with a DSLR today. I immidiately decided that I have to be able to shoot such pictures, and bought my first camera and macro lens. Total addiction was soon to follow, and today my main passion in nature photography, mainly macro and landscape.

As far as these fields are, to me both macro and landscape are all about revealing the intricacy and beauty of our natural world. Be it a portrait of a tiny fly or the mighty milky way, I strive to capture a unique view of nature and deliver my experiences and emotions to the viewer through my images.”