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Fotografia: JMPhoto, com iPhone



Barbearia Figaro – Lisboa
Fotografia: JMPhoto com iPhone

Linhas duras


Fotografia: JMPhoto



From the streets of London


Ao fresco


Fotografia: Marrocos, JMPhoto



Comigo, está a demorar um bocadinho mais…

The Good, The Bad or The Ugly ?

The Good, The Bad or The Ugly ?


Fotografia: João Martins Pereira



Fotografia: Sommerset House, Londres, by João Martins Pereira

Talvez houvesse uma flor
aberta na tua mão.
Podia ter sido amor,
e foi apenas traição.

É tão negro o labirinto
que vai dar à tua rua …
Ai de mim, que nem pressinto
a cor dos ombros da Lua!

Talvez houvesse a passagem
de uma estrela no teu rosto.
Era quase uma viagem:
foi apenas um desgosto.

É tão negro o labirinto
que vai dar à tua rua…
Só o fantasma do instinto
na cinza do céu flutua.

Tens agora a mão fechada;
no rosto, nenhum fulgor.
Não foi nada, não foi nada:
podia ter sido amor.

David Mourão-Ferreira, in “À Guitarra e à Viola”

Rush hour


Rush Hour

by Elaine Terranova

Odd, the baby’s scabbed face peeking over
the woman’s shoulder. The little girl
at her side with her arm in a cast,
wearin a plain taffeta party dress.

The little girl has not once moved
to touch her or to be touched.
Even on the train, she never turns ans says,
‘Mommy.’ Sunlight bobs over her blond head
inclining toward the window. The baby
is excited now. ‘Loo, loo, loo, loo,’
he calls, a wet cresendo. ‘He’s pulling
my hair,’ the little girl at last cries out.

A kind man comes up the aisle to see
the baby. He stares at those rosettes of blood
and wants to know what’s wrong with him.
The woman says a dog bit him. ‘It must have been
a big dog, then.’ ‘Oh, no. A neighbor’s little dog.’
The man say’s, ‘I hope they put that dog to sleep.’
The woman is nearly pleading. ‘It was an accident. He didn’t
mean to do it.’ The conductor, taking tickets,

ask the little girl how she broke her arm.
But the child looks out to the big, shaded houses.
The woman says, ‘She doesn’t like to talk
about that.’ No one has see what is behind
her own dark glasses. She pulls the children to her.
Maybe she is thinking of the arm raised over them,
Its motion would begin like a blessing